Lefthanded Ambition Core Tamarind

Beautiful left-handed steel string guitar made of Tamarind.

The basis for this custom-made guitar is our Ambition Core model. The body is made of Tamarind, for the top the customer has chosen Lutz Spruce.

In addition, this left-handed guitar is equipped with a Misi pickup. The Acoustic Trio is an active endpin preamp with L. R. Baggs element. The battery-free condensor system can be charged in 60 seconds and can be played for up to 16 hours.   


Tamarind is very stiff and therefore difficult to work with. However, it is definitely worth the pain. The grain ranges from very even (here the sides) to excitingly patterned. A particularly beautiful wood was chosen for the back and the headstock. But it's not just the look of this Ambition [\intlink id='1499' title='Left-handed Guitars']left-handed[/intlink] that is impressive, its sound is in no way less so. While Rosewood emphasises the low-mid range, Tamarind wood also serves the bass and treble range. In addition, the sound is always balanced, brilliant and crystal clear.

Equally amazing is the pressure that Tamarind produces. Combined with its enormous clarity, it shows its advantages with every note.