IQ Bass

Stoll IQ Bass

Equipped with a multiscale fingerboard, the IQ Bass is even more exciting than its counterpart, the Legendary Acoustic Bass. The fanned frets fingerboard is not only providing perfect intonation and facilitating playability, it is also stylish. Bridge and headstock are harmoniously adapted to the asymmetrical design. The sound - just stunning. The IQ Bass quite rightly deserves the title "extraordinary" in terms of size, design and sound.


In 1986, Christian Stoll for the first time presented an acoustic bass worthy of its name. Exceptional volume and good playability made this bass a legend. Anyone who believed that there was nothing left to add was wrong. He is setting a new standard with the IQ Multiscale Bass.

The multiscale fingerboard improves playability and perfects intonation. Anyone who has ever tried to produce a decent sound with the E or B string of an ordinary acoustic bass will be amazed by its brilliance and assertiveness.

The dimensions have remained fairly the same. With a body width of 530 mm, and a depth of 142 mm (at the widest point), it stands out clearly from the crowd of acoustic basses. The scale length is 864 to 915 mm. According to the laws of acoustics, only a large sound box is able to effect a sonorous and vibrant sound.

That's why the IQ Bass as well as its prototype, the Legendary Acoustic Bass, can stand its ground unplugged in an acoustic ensemble.

Even small people can handle the multiscale bass by taking the recommended posture. When standing, the position can be easily adjusted by raising or lowering the neck. When sitting the body is placed between the legs, with the upper bout resting on the left knee.

The IQ Multiscale Acoustic Bass is available with 4, 5 or 6 strings.

Type: Acoustic Bass
Class: State of the Art
Back/Sides: Maple
Top: Spruce
Neck: Spanish Cedar (spanish heel joint)
Scale Length: 864 / 915 mm
Fingerboard: Rosewood, multiscale fingerboard
Machine Heads: Schaller goldplated & security lock
Bridge/Nut: Bone
Strings: Elixir E-Bass Nanoweb
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin finish
Case: Luxury Gigbag
Options: 4-string, 5-string, 6-string
lefthanded model,
pickup at choice
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RRP: 4-String: € 4,900.-
5-String: € 5,200.-
6-String: € 5,500.- prices without pickup