Photo Story: Refretting of an Acoustic Guitar

The string action is adjusted perfectly with the help of the truss rod, saddle and bridge inlay and the frets are still buzzing?

A common phenomenon is a tiny hump at the neck-body transition. This is due to the fact that in the course of time all the woods have settled a little, only where the base of the neck is glued to the block inside the guitar, the material could not shrink as much as on the rest of the guitar, thus the fingerboard was slightly raised. Most of the time it rattles from about the 7th fret, in extreme cases the sound dies off completely at 12th/13th fret.

All you can do now is remove the frets, plane the fingerboard back into the correct alignment, i.e. remove all unevenness, and re-fret the guitar. Here you can see how it's done.