Classical Travel Guitar

This classic travel guitar based on an octave guitar fits in the hand luggage of most airlines. Despite its size, it surprises with brilliant highs and a balanced bass range.


Suitable for Hand Luggage

Classical guitarists like to travel with a small guitar that meets hand baggage requirements too. The hand luggage allowance of most airlines is 55 cm. The customer suggested an octave tuning to make the design a little easier. So the task was to shorten our octave guitar, which has a length of 75 cm, by 20 cm.

Furthermore, our customer had a certain idea about the size of the body, which gave us the idea to make it pear-shaped. This made it possible to keep the top area relatively large, which in turn supported the task of producing a reasonable bass sound. For the same reason, the sound hole was moved to the side. The bridge shape was made as small as possible, the extensions on the left and right provide sufficient stability, but do not muffle the sound. On the contrary, they support a good distribution over the entire soundboard.

Robust and Handy

For reasons of robustness, the head was made somewhat smaller and relatively flat. In contrast to the slotted headstock, we opted for a solid one because it is not only less vulnerable, but also offers the possibility of attaching mini tuners. This in turn saves some weight and head length.

Now there was only one task left to do, namely to prevent the travel guitar from slipping off the thigh while playing. We solved this problem elegantly with the small bulge on the treble side, which then creates a one-sided waist.

To achieve the most classical tone possible, we chose the traditional wood combination Rosewood/Spruce. The travel guitar is equipped with normal octave guitar strings.

Suitable for Hotels

The icing on the cake is the Misi  pickup. In the hotel room, the small preamp is taken out of the suitcase and the travel guitar can be played with headphones without disturbing other hotel guests too much.



Classical Guitar

Back/Sides: East Indian Rosewood
Top: Spruce
Neck: Spanish Cedar (spanish constructed heel)
Neck Width at Nut: 50 mm
Scale Length: 390 mm
Fingerboard: Ebony
Machine Heads: Schaller M6 Mini
Strings: Fisoma
Nut/Bridge: Rosewood/Bone
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin finish
Pickup: Misi
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