Prima – Stoll Primera Nylonstring

Magazine: Akustik Gitarre 02/2002 | Author: Andreas Schulz

To offer a solid-wood acoustic-guitar starting at 1000 Euro is not a very hard thing to do nowadays. Thanks to rationalized manufacturing methods and the move of the production to low wage countries the prices for all-solid-wood instruments have sunk steadily during the last years. If, however, a German supplier offers a handmade solid wood classical guitar for the amount of 404,00 Euros * you start to listen.


A handmade all-solid-wood classical guitar for clearly under 500,00 Euros*? This is a major achievement for this luthier in view of the offered quality and deserves unrestricted applause. Especially for the young beginner it is most important to play an instrument that motivates on account of its sound - and the Primera will not strain the purse of the parents too much. The model with the 65cm standard-scale even develops a bit more of a full and louder sound and therefore represents a good choice for the adult beginner or advancing player. Even when met with rising demands the Primera will still satisfy you ? the player who after diligent practicing develops an advanced ability to play, will find a good and serious partner in this instrument. Guitar teachers, whose pupils need help and consultation in the choice of a suitable instrument, should also grant an ear to the Stoll Primera. The price-performance ratio is superb. A garnered achievement of Christian Stoll who has saved at the right spots without admitting to larger compromises in the quality of sound.

*Please note that this article is more than 10 years old. You may get the actual price here.