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Flat, as with Classical Guitars or curved, as with many Steel Strings, the choice is yours. Fretted, fretless or maybe partially fretted?

8saiter 5 stahlsaiten 3 basssaiten fächerbünde fanned frets armauflage bevel heimische Hölzer
Fanned Frets
IQ Akustikbass semi-fretless 5-Saiter - Griffbrett
Partially Fretted Board
Der legendäre Akustikbass fretless - Steg
Fretless Fingerboard
teilbundiert semi-fretted Griffbrett klassische Konzertgitarre
Partially Fretted Board

Available woods are Indian Rosewood and Ebony, as well as Black Locust, Plum, Apple and others for Local Wood instruments.

Griffbrett Palisander
Fingerboard Rosewood
gitarre einheimische hoelzer Walnuss Erle Robinie Fichte klassische konzert Estudio stoll gitarrenbau
Fingerboard Black Locust
klassische konzert gitarre einheimische hoelzer Birne Erle Robinie Estudio stoll
Fingerboard Black Locust
stahlsaiten-reisegitarre western steelstring walnuss Pt69 Travel
Fingerboard Rosewood
Griffbrett Ebenholz
Fingerboard Ebony