Fingerstyle 13th fret 630 mm

Exceptional "The smallest variations in attack are reproduced with richness of tone and abundant dynamics." That's what Jens Hausmann writes about this custom with neck-body transition at 13th fret in issue 1-21 of Akustik Gitarre (the most popular German magazine on acoustic guitars). It is the result of two custom guitars built in parallel of ...continue reading "13th Fret Ambition Fingerstyle<br>Laurel / No Rosewood, 630 mm Scale Length"

Fingerstyle guitar cider barrel oak luthier Stoll

Guitars made of Oak, is that possible? From an old barrel? YES! Not only the back and sides, but also the top is consistently built from the oak of this barrel. The wood in some places visually reveals its origin and thus has its own charm. Also tonally it is very convincing.

Steel String Guitar Cider Barrel Oak Spruce fingerstyle

What does a luthier do with an old barrel? He's building guitars from it, of course. This is guitar # 3 of our upcycling project built consistently from local woods, namely from a Hessian cider barrel. Really, it can't be more local.