Classic Crossover

Classic Crossover nylon string guitar large body

Nylon string guitar in steel string design. With the large body, which is based on our steelstring guitar Ambition, and the atypical sound compared to classical guitars, this instrument is especially suitable for guitarists with a steel string guitar background, but want to switch to nylon string guitar for certain purposes. It convinces with a clear, radiant tone that carries far.


Steel string guitarists are in most cases accustomed to a neck transition at 14th fret. The transition of classical guitars is usually at 12th fret . The classical guitar with its neck transition at 12th fret is characterised by a great balance of the top surfaces on both sides of the bridge. This bridge position is one of the parameters, that create a very warm and round tone.

The shift to 14th fret changes the ratio of the top surfaces, which is why the soundhole on this model has been shifted slightly towards the neck. Thus, the Classic Crossover achieves an even better surface ratio than the Ambition. This results in a greater sonority and a colorful tone. The larger body produces impressive volume with bracing appropriately matched for nylon strings.

By default, Classic Crossover comes with back and sides made of Indian Rosewood, which has always been the preferred wood by classical guitarists, with great selectivity in the trebles. The Spruce top complements the sound concept perfectly. On customer request, the woods can of course be varied. Due to the slightly narrower neck, the instrument accommodates the playing habits of steelstring guitarists. The string action is also kept comparatively low, but can of course be adjusted to the player's needs if required. The model can also be equipped with a pickup if required. With the D'Addario carbon strings, the Crossover guitar can also be dropped a whole tone lower without any problems.

Classic Crossover combines the fine tone shaping of the classical guitar with the presence and assertiveness of the steel string guitar. The clear, radiant tone provides excellent support in song accompaniment, but also sets brilliant accents in soloistic performance. The tone carries far with impressing sustain.

This guitar was originally developed for Tobias Burger. He says about it: "I am overwhelmed! I hardly thought so much crossover-outcome was possible. The playability, string tension, tone length, balance, clarity, the power of the tones - especially in the trebles - simply wonderful! This concept fills a gap convincingly."


Classical Guitar

Class: Premium
Back/Sides: Indian Rosewood
Top: Spruce
Neck: Spanish Cedar (spanish constructed heel), with truss rod
Neck Width at Nut: 48 mm
Scale Length: 650 mm
Fingerboard: Ebony, curved
Machine Heads: Schaller Grand Tune Lyra
Strings: D'Addario Carbon HT
Nut/Bridge: Rosewood/Bone
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin finish
Weight: 1,840 g
Case: SCC Hardcase
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RRP: € 4.200.-