8-string Classical Guitar with Cutaway, Fanned Frets and Pickup

Forget everything you know about classical guitars. This nylon string guitar will knock any classic guitar player off their feet, and that's fine, because this one breaks new ground, offering a wealth of new playing and development possibilities.



With the Classic Line I 8-string we have already expanded the spectrum of Classic Line I. The custom order presented here is equipped with even more extras that modern guitar making has to offer.

8-string Classical Guitar Cutaway Fanned Frets PickupFanned Frets

But the most striking feature is the fingerboard. Fanned frets or multiscale fretboard provides the optimal scale length (freely vibrating string length) for each string. The laws of physics are very simple. The lower a string is supposed to sound, the more space it needs; if it is supposed to sound higher, it may be correspondingly shorter. For our 8-string guitar this results in a scale length of 645 mm in the treble range to 670 mm in the bass range.

The guitarist benefits from a more ergonomic handling due to the fanned frets, which is even more important with an 8-string guitar, to not restrict the virtuosity of the playing by technical conditions. The fan-shaped arrangement of the frets results in much more relaxed playing, as the fretting hand can move across the fingerboard similar to a windshield wiper. The extreme angling of the hand in the lower registers is thus obsolete.

Fanned frets provide 100% perfect intonation. However, the bridge, which we have made of rosewood, must be adapted to the different lengths of the individual strings. This is a challenge for an 8-string guitar, because we must not lose sight of the visual appearance.

8-string Classical Guitar Cutaway Fanned Frets PickupCutaway

Also for ergonomic reasons, this exceptional classical guitar has a cutaway that guarantees freedom of movement even in the highest registers. We have chosen a gently curved shape that fits in very well with the classical design and at the same time ensures less sound loss and frequency cancellation than a florentine cutaway would.

Strings / Machine Heads

The string set for the six standard strings is from D'Addario and is called Pro-Arté Dynacore. B7 and G8 are by Lenzner. These two extra strings are designed for modern playing styles. While in classical playing the low strings are added in whole tone steps, i.e. C and D, on this guitar the sequence of the strings has been logically continued downwards. This means the three low strings correspond to the three high ones, so that the same chords can be picked there, for example. Schertler Goldsingle machines with Ebony buttons provide comfortable tuning.

8-string Classical Guitar Cutaway Fanned Frets PickupPickup

This custom model is amplified by an L. R. Baggs Anthem SL Classical pickup, which is a combination of a bridge plate pickup and a microphone, excellently reproducing the natural tone of the guitar while at the same time offering high feedback resistance.


The fingerboard has 19.5 frets and is visually appealing with a slight indentation over the last three full frets and the typical STOLL extension into the sound hole. This is decorated by a wide rosette of spalted Rosewood sapwood with an Ebony trapezoid, which contrasts very nicely with the alpine Spruce top and at the same time goes well with the Rosewood body and the Anigré binding.


The sound could be described as classically modern. It is full and well-balanced and a bit slimmer in the mids than usually desired for classical guitars and expected from a Rosewood body. The bracing compensates for this and makes the tone a little "drier", so that the guitar is very well suited for Latin American playing styles with a touch of flamenco, as requested by the customer. For this reason, the depth of the body has been reduced a little bit.

This 8-string classical-modern player impresses with a quick response and clean sound separation. It produces an impressive volume when needed without hindering the realisation of articulatory subtleties.



Classical Guitar

Back/Sides: Indian Rosewood
Top: Alpine Spruce
Neck: Spanish Cedar, (Spanish constructed heel)
Neck Width at Nut: 65 mm, at 12th fret 76 mm
Scale Length: 645 - 670 mm
Fingerboard: Ebony, fanned frets
Machine Heads: Schertler Gold
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin gloss
Nut/Bridge: Bone
Pickup: L. R. Baggs Anthem SL Classical
Price: on request
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