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About Stoll

Stoll Story

The success story of Stoll Guitars has now lasted for over 40 years.


It all began in 1978, when Christian Stoll, through persistent personal appearances at the Hopf company (at that time the largest German guitar manufacturer), persuaded them to take on an additional apprentice who had not been planned. Dragan Musulin then took him under his wing and gave him a first-class education.

Early Years

In 1983, Christian Stoll set up his own business (firstly parttime), but soon the premises at Aarstr. 276 in Taunusstein-Wehen were too small and he moved his company (by now full-time self-employed) a few houses away.

Electric Versus Acoustic

In Aarstraße 268 he expanded by building not only electric guitars and basses but classical guitars as well. It soon became clear that a long-term market success can only be achieved through specialisation, either on the electric or the acoustic market, and since then Christian Stoll is concentrating on the construction of acoustic guitars and basses.

Proper Concept

Right from the start, he had his own concept in terms of body shape, bracing, general appearance and, above all, sound, and he still sticks to it to this day.

"To make a name for yourself in this market, you can't just deliver good copies of American or Spanish instruments."

With these words, he presented the legendary acoustic bass to the interested customers as early as 1986, thus creating a striking distinctive mark for himself for ever and ever. But just as the acoustic bass bears his signature, so do his nylon and steel string guitars .

Over the years, Christian Stoll has become an expert in Fanned Frets, Armrests and guitars with more than 6 strings. Also in the field of Acoustic Basses he has consolidated his reputation with various innovations.

Since 2001, the guitar building company has been located in Waldems. This is also where the development of ukuleles at the standard of guitar builders began.

Since 2015, Stoll Guitars has been residing in the purpose-built facilities in the industrial estate of Waldems-Esch. There, visitors can expect a rich selection of standard instruments in the beautifully designed showroom, as well as excellent advice for all types of custom orders..

Quality concept STOLL

The name of Stoll has become an indispensable part of the international guitar scene. It stands not only for solid craftsmanship and first-class quality, but also for the synthesis of technical innovations and appealing design.