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Classic Octave

Just wanted to say that I'm super happy with the octave.
Sounds great, smooth and tingly ...
Get good recordings out ...

Thanks again and maybe see you again soon!

Markus S.

S - Custom

Home office can be endured well with Stoll guitars....

These two guitars have aged beautifully and are getting better and better, for real. Just like us, right?

Heinz Z.

Bariton Ukulele

I would like to thank you and Bastian for building this fantastic instrument for me! It is almost unbelievable what you have created here with your knowledge and craftsmanship! This sound! This projection! Amazing!

Furthermore, I feel that the instrument blends with my voice better than any other ukulele or tenor guitar I have had the privilege of owning. Consequently, I have parted with all my other stringed instruments (except my Fender Tenor Tele...). However, I will definitely keep " your" baritone ukulele as long as I can still play it. So, if everything goes well, until my last breath.... 😀.

I bow in respect to your art!

Matthias S.

Ambition Jumbo 12

Thank you very much for the wonderful guitar. So lucky that you had this used model on sale.
I am very pleased with the look and especially the sound. The playability is perfect and always a pleasure.

Ron B.

Alegra with Fan Frets

After being the happy owner of a Stoll Classic Pro Multiscale for three years (and still am), a guitar to die for, I wanted to get another guitar with a brighter sound, slightly narrower fingerboard and a lower string action, the latter admittedly for convenience. After the experience with the Classic Pro, fan frets were the only option. For the woods, I chose the combination with the punch, the powerful tone. That was Laurel for the body and spruce for the top. Then I had to wait for half a year.

I own it for three weeks now. Was it worth the wait?
It´s so comfortable, it almost plays itself. The string action is much lower. But clanging and buzzing? No way, absolutely clean sound. And the sound? Yes, it's brighter and it's got punch. And the sound? Awesome. The bass is full, velvety and has a long decay. The mids and the highs, I spontaneously thought: like the sound of bells. This richness and the clearness of the sound has once again considerably exceeded my quite not modest expectations. I do not regret my choice of a spruce top, although the master would rather have advised a cedar top.
And it is beautiful as well. Everywhere you look, you can see the combination of aesthetics and care, which makes you feel the passion for guitar building.
Mr. Stoll, you have given me great pleasure, a pleasure that I can feel every day. Thank you for this masterpiece.

In conclusion, what is better than a Stoll guitar?
Quite simply, two Stoll guitars.

Peter H.

Ambition 12

You have built a wonderful guitar.
The instrument sounds fantastic and is very easy to play, especially for a 12-string!

We are thrilled!

Markus F.


Guitar is a "DREAM"!!!

Fingers hurt😊

Andreas W.

IQ Bass Ukulele

Merci, I played on the return trip at every break 😊, makes a lot of fun.
Today I connected the bass to the amplifier.
The sound is overwhelming and the volume high, a great instrument 😊

Andreas W.

Classic Crossover

Thank you for the beautiful instrument.

Ralf B.

Crossover Seven String

Once again I thank you for building me my nylon dream guitar.
As I'm sure you've noticed, I've been glued to Instagram like a little boy the last few days, following every step of the way. This is a very special day for me today, you can't even describe this guitar as a product. It's a once in a lifetime event!
I will now start to work my way into the seven string and the acoustic character. This will take a few months, but I already feel that with such an incredible instrument here, I will grow into it organically.

Jo J.

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