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Classic Line I Custom

My Primera was already fantastic, but this guitar is a dream!

Carsten W.

Classic Line I Custom

Thanks for the cool guitar! It has turned out great, just as discussed. The polishing for the neck up support is even better than on my Estudio, the suction cup now lifts really well.

Carmen P.

IQ Bass 4-string

Beautiful instrument - I have to familiarize myself first and get used to it.
after Taylor and Valtez basses ...

Franz M., Austria


I´m very happy with your IQ Guitar.

It is everything I had hoped for.

I congratualte you again on the conception and construction of this very impressive instrument!

Michael T., France

Alegra Custom

Yesterday I received the wonderful guitar that you built for me, and I was delighted to spend an hour or two last night, and this morning playing it!

The craftsmanship is exquisite!

The intonation is spot on throughout the fretboard!

The neck profile and fretboard are the very best for my hands that I have ever played. I really like how the heel of the guitar is relatively flat, enabling better access to the upper register of the fretboard.

The guitar has a very unique voice capable of expressing varied dynamics. I’m looking forward to see how the sound evolve as the Spruce top gets played in.

I am absolutely delighted with this guitar!

The guitar is featherweight and an absolute joy to hold and play!

I wish that I had bought this guitar 50 years ago!

Thank you for graciously building this wonderful instrument to my custom specification.

Thomas S. US

PT 59 Baritone

The baritone guitar is a lot of fun to play, and also works really well in the acoustic band. It completes the overall sound picture very nicely and my ideas and concepts have fully come to life.

Thanks again for the great work!

Sascha Sch.

Tenor Guitar rosewood-free

Dear Christian,
I had the first two performances with the tenor guitar yesterday and today and felt very comfortable: sound was great, feedback was under control, feel is great. We played rock and country in trio with drums, bass and vocals.
I am very satisfied.

Andreas W., Switzerland

PT 69 Custom

I almost forgot to thank you again for the reception and the tour of your company on February 9 because I was so happy with my new Stoll guitar. It was a pleasure to meet "Christian Stoll" in person. I was really impressed how much real craftsmanship goes into building a Stoll guitar.

My Stoll PT 69 Custom is an absolute masterpiece of craftsmanship. Every tone is a delight. Simply unique!

Roland S., Switzerland

IQ Tamarind

Through this way, I want to tell you how much I am satisfied with my Stoll IQ-tamarint guitar.
I often have it on my lap, it gives my guitar playing a new dimension.

Henkjan H., Netherlands


Dear Christian, the guitar is finally here and I must compliment you on the beautiful piece you have assembled.
Initially, it was a little getting used to, but after an hour plucking it was clear that it will never change the owner.
I like it very much / Craftsmanship is top, it´s an beautiful instrument!
I will also positively note this in various forums.

the first Stoll in the Indian Ocean!

Roman D., Mauritius

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