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About Stoll

Concept / Philosophy

Standard or Custom - The Choice is Yours

Our extremely wide range of products offers every guitarist, from the student to the ambitious hobby player to the stage professional, all solid handcrafted instruments of first-class quality.

We usually have between 40 and 60 instruments for you to try out at our showrooms.

Boutique Suitable for the Stage

An ever increasing number of our customers comes to us with ideas that can only be partially covered by the standard range. There are wishes that affect the construction of the guitar in a very profound way, be it simply a fanned fretboard, an IQ Acoustic Bass with Bevel, or even an eight-string acoustic guitar with five guitar strings and three bass strings, fanned frets, bevel and local woods. It is important for us not to consider the outer appearance independently of the tone. Guitarists with such ideas also have a very precise idea of the sound of their custom guitar. And this is where our know-how really comes into play, as we consequently develop a synthesis of ALL needs.

While for some people it is enough to enjoy a certain look, we are the specialists for TONE.

Form Follows Function

Our main focus is and always has been to get the best sound out of a guitar. We are not only talking about the appropriate tone wood, but also about sound modelling through the shape of the body, the size of the body, the bracing and so on.

The shaping of the sound is closely related to the playability of the instrument. If, for example, a customer with arthrosis in his fingers needs a wider fingerboard so that he can still fret, or a petite person needs a scale length of, say, 550 mm and a correspondingly small body so that he can handle his guitar well, then considerations of sound and playability must be closely interwoven when designing the instrument in question.

Only then can we consider features that are desired for visual reasons only, such as an unusually shaped sound hole, a funky head shape, a special bridge. Such features can be implemented, but must not have a negative influence on the sound. However, should we feel that this is the case, such details can still be integrated in an adapted form. They are then simply subordinate to the sound design. This way, the guitar becomes a real sound machine.

Your Personal Guitar Configurator

Personal advice is indispensable for the best possible result. Of course, the best thing is to visit our premises, because here the customer can already try out the individual details of his new instrument on the basis of the many guitars available. This can be a fanned fretting, a bevel, a certain neck width, a special wood. In this way we can quickly get to the bottom of your needs.

But advice by phone or email is also very successful. With some customers we write back and forth ten to twenty times until everything is settled.