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Available woods are Indian Rosewood and Ebony as well as Black Locust, Plum, Apple and others for Local Wood instruments. There are different kinds of bridges for classical and acoustic guitars. The classical bridge we use also for the classic bass and the ukuleles. The Legendary Acoustic Bass and the IQ-Bass have separated tailpiece and bridge. The shape can also be influenced. But this has to be done very cautiously. The shape of the bridge affects the tone, just like the inner bracing of the top.

nylonsaitengitarre 14 bund crossover großer korpus gitarrenbauer stoll
Bridge Classic Crossover
stahlsaiten western Gitarre Cutaway gitarrenbauer stoll
Standard Acoustic Bridge
akustik bass ukulele fanned frets faecherbuende multiscale zargenschallloch tonabnehmer
Bridge Bass Ukulele
akustik bass fanned frets linkshaender
Bridge IQ Bass
Westerngitarre Fingerstyle Blues Stahlsaitengitarre Steelstring einheimische Hölzer: Walnuss Mooreiche
Acoustic Bridge  Bog Oak
Acoustic Bridge Plum
Streichbass zum Umhängen
Bridge Bowable Bass
Gitarrenbau Christian Stoll: der legendaere Akustikbass 4-saiter fretless - neuer Steg
Bridge Acoustic Bass
Gitarrenbau Christian Stoll: Akustik-Bass Fanned Frets IQ Bass
Bridge IQ Bass
Gitarrenbau Christian Stoll: Klassische Gitarre Meistergitarre für Solisten Classic Custom
Classical Bridge
gitarrenbauer christian stoll stahlsaiten steel string jumbo 12
Acoustic Bridge 12-String
Classic Line Pro
Classical Bridge
gitarre einheimische hoelzer Walnuss Erle Robinie Fichte klassische konzert Estudio stoll gitarrenbau
Classical Bridge Black Locust
Tenor Ukulele Robinie Fichte nichttropische lokale einheimische Hölzer Holz
Ukulele Bridge Black Locust
Acoustic Bridge Black Locust
Classicbass Akustik Bass 6-Saiter Fächerbünden Armauflage
Bridge Classic Bass Multiscale