Applied Acoustics Berlin Spandau Händler Stoll Gitarren

Berliners, let's go to Spandau. Now you can get STOLL guitars at Applied Acoustics! This Ambition Fingerstyle and the cute IQ Bass Ukulele can now be seen at Brandensteinweg 6. ...and Jacques Weindepot is right next door?.

fans for nature donation orang utans

The 2000th Guitar For the anniversary of Guitar No. 2000 we have come up with a very special guitar. Its back and sides are made of Ebony, in the fretboard an Orang Utan is inlayed. 1.000 € of the proceeds of this parlour will be donated to Fans for Nature.   Why we do this? ...continue reading "Anniversary Guitar No. 2000 for Orang Utans"