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Number of Strings

We are open to string-sets outside the mainstream. Our 5- or 6-string acoustic basses are well known, but 7, 8 or 10-string guitars are also part of our repertoire. We look forward to new challenges such as e.g. the 5-string ukulele or the 14-string steel string guitar with double courses.


8saiter 5 stahlsaiten 3 basssaiten fächerbünde fanned frets armauflage bevel heimische Hölzer
8-String IQ 5+3
legendärer Akustik Bass - 6-Saiter
6-String Acoustic Bass
Classicbass Akustik Bass 6-Saiter Fächerbünden Armauflage
Classic Bass 6-String
akustik bass fanned frets linkshaender
IQ-Bass 5-String
7-saitige konzert-gitarre mit Fanned Frets
7-String Classical Guitar
Gitarrenbau Christian Stoll: 8-saitige Konzertgitarre Classic Line I 8-string - Steg und Rosette
8-String Classical Guitar