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Repairs +++ Preservation +++ Customising +++ Electric and Acoustic Guitars and Basses


For repairs, it is not just a question of replacing or repairing a defective part.

A good repair includes not only the reconstruction of the original condition, but a detailed analysis of the overall design of the instrument and the circumstances that led to the damage.

Only such an approach leads to a lasting repair. In this way, a repair can even lead to improvements in sound or playability and thus increase the value of the guitar.

Our workshop has a large pool of experience in repairing acoustic string-instruments, electric-guitars and -basses. The following list does not claim to be complete (in case of doubt please always ask):  



All kinds including broken necks, cracked tops, reglueing of the bridge and similar repairs


Our specialty; with and without neck-binding. We have a large choice of frets in different shapes and sizes in stock


Starting with little touch-ups to complete refinishing

Shellac/French Polish: reworking, refinishing, touch-up repairs; here we are the masters of the trade

The treatment of the guitar top with shellac, commonly known as french polishing is of the finest with which you can treat a guitar-top and its owner. The in alcohol dissolved excrements of the lac insect Kerria laccifera are being applied by a small bale of cotton to the surface of the wood in a very work intensive method, thereby preserving the acoustical characteristics of the instrument. A shellacked top gives a very fine and noble optical appearance and supports the character of the wood. Unfortunately a shellacked top due to its soft character documents very well the habits of its owner. Scratches and imprints of fingernails or even picks are very common. That's why it is recommended to rework the top from time to time.

Installations and Alterations of Acoustical Instruments

Change and/or alteration of the saddle, nut, fingerboard, pick-up

Installations and Alterations of Electric Guitars and Basses

Change and/or alteration of the saddle, nut, fingerboard and everything else that can be exchanged, bloodhound for wireing-problems

Wellness Treatment: maintaining the value of your instrument

Acoustic Instruments

  • cleaning of the finish and repolishing,
  • clean, polish and oil fingerboard and frets,
  • if necessary greasing of the mechanics,
  • restringing and adjustment of string-action,
  • if necessary sanding down of the nut,
  • visual check for chances of beginning damages like cracks, dissolving of gluejoints etc.

Electric Guitars and Basses

  • cleaning of the finish and repolishing,
  • clean, polish and oil fingerboard and frets,
  • adjustment of neck and bridge, restringing,
  • if necessary sanding down of the nut,
  • if necessary adjustment of the tremolo,
  • visual check