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Back and Sides

We have a large stock including all common and many exceptional types of wood. On request, we also procure woods that we do not have in stock.

The wood for back and sides has a great influence on the sound. Soft and singing or crunchy and impulsive. Therefore, the selection is not only a question of optics, but also one of the sound preferences.

Wood stain has no influence on the sound. The choice of lacquer for the finish, has tonal effects which should be considered.

We carry woods in grades A, AA, AAA and Mastergrade.


Gitarrenbau Christian Stoll: Konzertgitarre mit Cutaway Alegra indische Walnuss Zeder
Indian Walnut
Gitarrenbauer Christian Stoll: Stahlsaiten-gitarre fingerstyle steelstring
Indian Rosewood
Westerngitarre Fingerstyle Blues Stahlsaitengitarre Steelstring einheimische Hölzer: Walnuss Mooreiche
European Walnut
Ukulele Mango doppel-cutaway Angus
Gitarrenbau Christian Stoll: Steelstring-Gitarre Ambition Parlour - Boden und Zargen aus gestocktem Mango
Spalted Mango
Gitarrenbau Christian Stoll: Klassikgitarre für Schüler und Einsteiger Primera - Boden
Gitarrenbau Christian Stoll: Akustik-Bass Fanned Frets IQ Bass
Stained Maple
akustikbass fanned frets linkshaender
Stained Maple
Jumbo Stahlsaiten-Gitarre - BodenExtrem-Cutaway, Fanned Frets, Armauflage und Zargenschalloch
Flamed Maple
Gitarrenbau Christian Stoll: Konzertgitarre Meistergitarre für Solisten Classic Custom - Boden
Makassar Ebony
Gitarrenbau Christian Stoll: Stahlsaiten-Gitarre S-Custom - Rio-Palisander zertifiziert
Brasilian Rosewood
Stahlsaiten-Gitarre Amaranth Veilchenholz
Violet Wood
Stahlsaiten Gitarre indische Silbereiche: Ambition - Zarge
Indian Silver Oak
tamarinde palisanderfrei western stahlsaiten gitarre ambition gitarrenbauer Christian stoll
moa australisches teak mangium palisanderfrei western stahlsaiten gitarre ambition gitarrenbauer Christian stoll