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acoustic basses classic steel string

Bass gives music direction and soul. Therefore, bass instruments have always been important in the interplay of instruments. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the double bass of the classical orchestra. But there are also basses in other ensembles. Acoustic Basses Overview For example, many mandolin orchestras traditionally have an upright ...continue reading "Acoustic Basses – Mastering Constructional Challenges"

neck reset

Some guitarists have experienced this. The string action is catastrophic, in some places much too high, in others so low that buzzing is inevitable. All the advice you've received in forums and specialist journals has been of no avail. Turning the truss rod either one way or the other, sanding down the bridge inlay only ...continue reading "Neck Reset"

replacing nut acoustic guitar

There are many reasons to change the nut. A change from industrial plastic casting to handmade bone saddle is desired, the old nut is filed too deep, the distances between the strings are not correct and there is no more room for correction. First, the strings are removed and the old nut is taken off. ...continue reading "Photo Story: Replacing the Nut on an Acoustic Guitar"

triple sound hole acoustic guitar laurel lutz spruce luthier

made of Laurel with unusual sound hole. The basis for this custom order is our . Back and sides are made of Laurel, for the top the customer wanted Lutz Spruce. To match the bindings, the three sound holes in the side were contrasted with Anigré. Ebony was chosen for the fingerboard, so the guitar ...continue reading "Ambition Core Laurel with Triple Side Soundhole"

crossover nylon string guitar Alegra Laurel with fanfrets

, our mid-range , ideally suited for modern playing styles, was equipped with on request of a customer. Laurel, this incredibly percussive and dynamic wood with stunning beauty, was used for back and sides of this custom-made instrument.

left handed acoustic guitar tamarind ambition core

Beautiful made of Tamarind. The basis for this custom-made guitar is our model. The body is made of Tamarind, for the top the customer has chosen Lutz Spruce. In addition, this guitar is equipped with a Misi pickup. The Acoustic Trio is an active endpin preamp with L. R. Baggs element. The battery-free condensor system ...continue reading "Lefthanded Ambition Core Tamarind"