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classical baritone guitar master luthier

Crossover guitars are characterised by a feature combination of classical and steel string guitar. They adapt the playability of a certain guitar to the personal playing habits that a player has acquired on a guitar of a different genre. The most common case is that a steel string guitarist has difficulty playing the classical guitar.

classical baritone guitar master luthier

This baritone guitar is a classical guitar. It is perfect for classical guitarists who would like it to sound a bit more bassy, because baritone guitars are the "missing link" between "normal" guitar and bass. Basically, both classical guitars and steel string guitars can be made with baritone construction.

Fingerstyle 13th fret 630 mm

Exceptional "The smallest variations in attack are reproduced with richness of tone and abundant dynamics." That's what Jens Hausmann writes about this custom with neck-body transition at 13th fret in issue 1-21 of Akustik Gitarre (the most popular German magazine on acoustic guitars). It is the result of two custom guitars built in parallel of ...continue reading "13th Fret Ambition Fingerstyle<br>Laurel / No Rosewood, 630 mm Scale Length"

Classic Guitar stainless steel allergy friendly

Nylon string guitar of the premium class, here with cutaway. If you don't know our models yet, the is a guitar for serious players. Due to its sound quality and playing characteristics it can take a student all the way to the final exams. The model shown here has back and sides made of Indian ...continue reading "Classic Line I Bearclaw with Cutaway – SOLD"

Classic Guitar stainless steel allergy friendly

Premium class custom nylon string guitar adapted to the needs of allergy sufferers. The fingerboard is equipped with stainless steel frets and the bass strings are also wounded with stainless steel. In terms of bracing, this is identical in construction to the standard model, only the cutaway is a special feature. The Misi Trio Air ...continue reading "Classic Line I for Allergy Sufferers"

Applied Acoustics Berlin Spandau Händler Stoll Gitarren

Berliners, let's go to Spandau. Now you can get STOLL guitars at Applied Acoustics! This Ambition Fingerstyle and the cute IQ Bass Ukulele can now be seen at Brandensteinweg 6. ...and Jacques Weindepot is right next door😉.