Neck Reset

Some guitarists have experienced this. The string action is catastrophic, in some places much too high, in others so low that buzzing is inevitable. All the advice you've received in forums and specialist journals has been of no avail. Turning the truss rod either one way or the other, sanding down the bridge inlay only helped for a short time and the piece of veneer under the bridge was no remedy either. Now the only solution is to visit a luthier.

Neck Angle

Neck reset is about correcting the neck angle of the guitar. A neck reset is a serious surgical intervention in the guitar. Applied to humans, it could perhaps be compared to the insertion of an artificial hip joint. The fingerboard is detached from the top and the neck from the body. Then corrections are made to the dovetail joint and the neck is glued back into the body at the correct angle. In most cases, the procedure is combined with new frets, as the fretboard has to be trued. In rare cases, a new fingerboard may even be necessary.