Small Classical Guitar with Bevel, 580 mm Scale Length

Small Guitar Without Compromise

When it comes to guitars, petite people are in good hands with the guitar maker. With a scale length of 580 mm, this nylon string guitar is below the "normal range". An elaborate armrest makes playing even more comfortable.


Small Guitar - Big Sound

We love custom requests and the challenges that come with them. Our client has limited mobility and therefore wanted a guitar that did not require her to move while playing. In addition, it should not "pinch and squeeze" anywhere. It goes without saying that the instrument should not sound like a toy guitar and, on the contrary, should have a decent bass in addition to a nice tone.


We like to use Rosewood for tonal challenges, that go hand in hand with a reduced size of the body, because we simply have the most experience in tone shaping here. The starting point for this custom-made model was our Classic Line I. A smaller top surface shifts the tone to the treble range. To compensate, the body's depth was made a little more voluminous. This results in a more expressive bass range and in achieving a wider tonal spectrum in general. With the cedar top and a bracing, that provides increased inner tension, we have further supported the tone.


A set of strings specially designed for short scale guitars are the Savarez Prodige 540 AS. The machine heads are made by Schaller and feature acrylic buttons.

Sound / Playability

The implementation of the customer's wishes was a success. The small masterpiece lies well in the hand and, thanks to the bevel and its size, can be handled exactly as desired.

In terms of sound, we have teased out everything possible with the experience of 40 years of guitar making. Now it sounds like a big one, with a few minimal losses in the overall volume. We share the customer's happiness.


Classical Guitar

Back/Sides: Indian Rosewood
Top: Cedar
Neck: Spanish Cedar, spanish constructed heel
Neck Width at Nut: 46 mm
Scale Length: 580 mm
Fingerboard: Ebony
Machine Heads: Schaller
Strings: SavarezProdige
Nut/Bridge: Bone
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin gloss

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