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We like to use L. R. Baggs Anthemund Misi Acoustic Trio, but of course we are also open to your ideas. All common brands can be provided and installed by us.

klassische Gitarre 8 Saiten fanned frets cutaway tonabnehmer
Classical Guitar with Anthem Pickup
Steelstring-Gitarre mit Armauflage, Griffbretteinlagen und Tonabnehmer Ambition Custom
Steel String Guitar with Fishman Pickup
Bariton Jumbo Steelstring mit Zargenschallloch Cutaway Anthem Pickup Bevel Fan Frets - Rosette
Steel String Guitar with  Anthem Pickup
Linkshänder Fanned Fret Westerngitarre K+K Trinity pickup
Steel String Guitar with K + K Trinity Pickup