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Neck width and shape are important criteria to make you feel comfortable on your guitar. We build the neck of your guitar as individual as you are.

When it comes to the neck, Spanish Cedar is standard, for our Local Wood instruments we like to use Alder or Walnut.

gitarre einheimische hoelzer Kirsche Erle Robinie Fichte klassische konzert Estudio stoll gitarrenbau
Neck Alder
Klassische Konzertgitarre LinkshaenderPalisander Zeder gitarrenbauer christian stoll
Neck Spanish Cedar
klassische konzert gitarre einheimische hoelzer Birne Erle Robinie Estudio stoll
Neck Alder
Tenor Ukulele Robinie Fichte nichttropische lokale einheimische Hölzer Holz
Neck Walnut