Well-founded knowledge of sound production and craftsmanship combined with high-quality, solid tonewoods are the hallmarks of our ukuleles. In traditional ukuleles, the soundboard is internally reinforced only by a horizontal bar.

In contrast to this, we equip our ukuleles with a classic fan bracing. In addition, the fingerboard is extended to the sound hole. This results in a stiffening of the top in longitudinal direction, which on one hand minimises vibration losses and on the other

hand enables a lighter construction. Tension and compression forces are evenly distributed across the top. The result is a sound that is projected from the entire soundboard.


Ukuleles of the Basic class already have an extended frequency spectrum and a balanced tone, in contrast to traditional ukuleles, which produce a rather short, percussive tone.


In the Premium class, the combination of optimised body shape with refined internal construction has created ukuleles that are not only loud and balanced, but also captivate with their mature, perfectly calibrated sonority. The sound not only gains in shape and substance, but also reproduces a complete frequency spectrum. As a result, our premium ukuleles are even capable of supporting soloist performances.

State of the Art

In addition to carefully selected woods, the State of the Art class offers the icing on the cake in form of latest developments, such as fanned frets, sound hole or bevel.