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Fanned Frets

With fanned frets (multi-scale fretboard) each string is provided with the optimal scale length (free-vibrating string length). That is, the lower the sound, the more space is needed by the string, with treble notes strings may be correspondingly shorter.

The 8th fret forms the center and is placed in the usual way in a right angle to the fingerboard. From there, the frets are fanned in both directions. The result is a much improved sound, absolutely perfect intonation and a much more pleasant and ergonomic feel.

8saiter 5 stahlsaiten 3 basssaiten fächerbünde fanned frets armauflage bevel heimische Hölzer
8-String Steel String with Fanned Frets
akustik bass ukulele fanned frets faecherbuende multiscale zargenschallloch tonabnehmer
IQ Bass Ukulele with Fanned Frets
Linkshänder Fanned Fret Westerngitarre Zargenschalloch Armauflage
Steel String Guitar IQ with Fanned Frets, Lefthanded
Gitarrenbau Christian Stoll: Akustik-Bass Fanned Frets IQ Bass
IQ Acoustic Bass with Multi-Scale Fretboard
Classicbass Akustik Bass 6-Saiter Fächerbünden Armauflage
6-String Classic Bass with Multi-Scale Fretboard
Konzertgitarre klassische Gitarre Fächerbünde fanned frets bevel Armauflage
Classical Guitar with Multi-Scale Fretboard