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Binding, Purfling & Co.

Depending on the class, purflings with a different complexity are used. If desired, these can be changed without or for a small surcharge.

Unusual wishes, such as the feather shown below can be implemented as well.

steelstring gitarre body decke mahagoni pt59 parlour
Top Binding and Purfling
gitarre einheimische hoelzer Kirsche Erle Robinie Fichte klassische konzert Estudio stoll gitarrenbau
Top Binding and Purfling
moa australisches teak mangium palisanderfrei western stahlsaiten gitarre ambition gitarrenbauer Christian stoll
Top Binding and Purfling
madagaskar palisander stahlsaiten western steelstring gitarre s-custom gitarrenbauer Christian stoll
Back Binding
Verzierung um F-Loch Feder aus Holz
F-Hole Adornement
Klassische Meister Solisten gitarre Evolution M
Back Binding and Center Strip
Armauflage / Bevel an Konzertgitarre, Gitarrenbauer Christian Stoll
Tail Purfling and Binding