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Scale Length

The scale length is the length of the free-vibrating string from bridge to saddle. Standard values are 650 or 630 mm. A change in the scale length is usually accompanied by an enlargement or reduction of the body size. Guitars with a scale length of 630 mm are well suited for people with a height of less than 165 cm. There are no limits to your custom order. We have built guitars with 520 mm as well as scales with 634, 665 or 680 mm.

The concert ukuleles have a scale length of 377 or 380 mm, tenor ukuleles 430 mm, the IQ Bass Ukulele 560 to 600 mm. The Legendary Acoustic Bass has 864 mm, the IQ bass between 864 and 915 mm, the Classic Bass 750 mm, with fanned frets 730/760 mm. The dimensions are well-proven with the corresponding models. On request, however, we can discuss and implement your ideas.

Gebrauchte Konzert klassische gitarre Mensur 62 STOLL Estudio
Scale Length 620 mm
stahlsaiten western Gitarre Cutaway gitarrenbauer stoll
Scale Length 650 mm
Tenor Ukulele Robinie Fichte nichttropische lokale einheimische Hölzer Holz
Scale Length 430 mm
akustik bass ukulele fanned frets faecherbuende multiscale zargenschallloch tonabnehmer
Scale Length 560/600 mm
Classicbass Akustik Bass 6-Saiter Fächerbünden Armauflage
Scale Length 730/760 mm
Westerngitarre Fingerstyle Blues Stahlsaitengitarre Steelstring einheimische Hölzer: Walnuss Mooreiche
Scale Length 630 mm
Bariton Konzertgitarre Klassische Bariton-Gitarre Mensur 66 cm Schertler Mechaniken
Scale Length 660 mm
legendärer Akustik Bass - 4-Saiter
Scale Length 864 mm
Gitarrenbau Christian Stoll: Konzertgitarre Oktavgitarre Classic Oktav
Scale Length 400 mm