Local Wood Steel String:
Ambition Fingerstyle Cherry / Spruce / Plum

A guitar entirely made of native woods. This was the special task that the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 has presented to their exhibitors. We built even two guitars and mastered the challenge with flying colors. Both are fingerstyle models, one with 63 cm scale and completely of walnut, the one here presented comes with a standard scale length of 65 cm and back and sides made of cherry. This absolute unique piece is for sale.



The guideline for the construction of a guitar within the scope of the Local Wood Challenge was to build an instrument entirely from the woods of the region. Tropical woods are becoming scarce and are increasingly governed by restrictions on trade. The aim of the Local Wood Challenge is to demonstrate that instruments built using local regional woods can be just as good sounding and looking as instruments built using tropical woods.

For this Ambition Fingerstyle we chose Cherry, grown directly in our neighbourhood for back and sides. The top is made of Alpine Spruce. While the neck is also made of cherry, fingerboard, bridge, bindings, tail wedge, headstock veneer and soundhole inlay are made of plum. The tree grew in the garden of our old workshop and was chopped personally by Christian Stoll in 1988.


Body shape and bracing are in line with the successful standard model Ambition Fingerstyle . As an additional design element, we inserted a small triangle of plum on the back, which elegantly elongates the tail wedge. Our most elegant extra, however, is the inlay in the fingerboard. Instead of shipping Abalone over several continents, we have consequently utilised North Sea Shell, which was also hand-picked by the master. Matching the wood, it is a cherry blossom.

For tuning we have equipped this fingerstyle guitar with Schaller Selmer gold machine heads, the nut width of 46.5 mm is ideal for fingerstyle. The strings are, as usual, by Elixir.

Handling and Sound

This blond beauty exudes nobility. She proudly presents her lyrical talent with singing trebels and silvery overtones, elegantly supported by a well-dosed midrange and distinguished bass. Lightweighted, easy to play, with a quick response, she shows a very fine and balanced sound spectrum.



Steel String Guitar

Back/Sides: Cherry, AAA
Top: Alpine Spruce, AAA
Neck: Cherry, spanish constructed heel
Neck Width at Nut: 46.5 mm
Scale Length: 65 cm
Fingerboard: Plum
Nut/Bridge: Bone
Machine Heads: Schaller Selmer Gold
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin-gloss
Strings: Elixir
Weight: 1,810 g
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