Classical Guitar Estudio Local Woods –
Cherry, Alder, Black Locust

The classical guitar for students and other ambitious guitarists made of local woods, this time with Cherry / Spruce an Alder neck and fingerboard and bridge of Black Locust.  An amazingly beautiful substitute for Indian Rosewood, with an almost identical tone and an extra of ethereal highs.

CITES-reglementations inspired us to search for alternatives. Local woods are one way to avoid issues with such strict rules. Besides they are CO²-friendly due to short transport distances.


Concept Estudio

We focus on good sound and plain beauty with this model. By refraining from fancy ornaments and use of a light satin finish we can offer a budget-priced classical guitar, which already has everything it needs, to play demanding literature. It is even suitable for preparing for a university entrance exam.

Sourcing of Local Woods

Local alternatives are not as easily provided as one would think. Many fruitwoods are not available in the high quality required for musical instrument building. There is also no tradition and therefore no infrastructure for selecting woods for musical instrument manufacturers. Various infectious diseases are contributing to minimize the amount of local woods, as for example with Elms and Ash trees. In addition, there is a high export volume for Beech and Oak. Of course, the wage costs for cutting and sawing are much higher in Europe than, for example, in India. For the reasons mentioned, local woods are currently more expensive than Indian Rosewood. This will presumably level out over the next few years as the price trend of rosewood is increasing due to CITES regulations.

Woods and Sound

The woods used with this guitar are Cherry for back and sides and Spruce for the top. For the neck we chose thermotreated Alder, fingerboard and bridge are made of Black Locust. The headstock veneer is made of Maple and smoked Larch, the rosette is made of Maple and Pear.

Silvery highs combined with almost floating overtones emanate a lyrical, celestial sound.

The fundamental is projecting powerfully towards the audience, while the silvery, shimmering overtones seem to enshroud the player and then dissolve with sparkling elegance. A much worthy replacement of Indian Rosewood with a delicate extra touch.


Classical Guitar

Back/Sides: Cherry
Top: Spruce
Neck: Alder (dove tail joint)
Neck Width at Nut: 51 mm
Scale Length: 650 mm
Fingerboard: Black Locust
Machine Heads: Schaller
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin finish
Nut/Bridge: Black Locust/Bone

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