IQ Tamarind

Tamarind belongs to the family of carob trees. Spalted, that is changed by a fungus which dies during the drying process, Tamarind is one of the most exciting woods in guitar making.

We utilised Tamarind to build our IQ Acoustic Guitar with fanned frets, side sound port and bevel. Initially built for the showroom, this acoustic guitar was sold like hotcakes so that we hardly had time to take photographs. The same thing happened to a second Tamarind IQ.

At present, an IQ Tamarind is available at The Fellowship of Acoustics


Steel String Guitar

Back/Sides: AAA spalted Tamarind
Top: AAA Sitka Spruce
Neck: Spanish Cedar, spanish constructed heel
Neck Width at Nut: 46 mm
Scale Length: 640 / 680 mm
Fingerboard: Ebony
Machine Heads: Schaller
Strings: Elixir Nanoweb 80/20 .012
Nut/Bridge Saddle: Bone
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin-gloss

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Fanned Frets
Spanish neck
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