Classic Line I-8 – sold


The construction of a 7 -, 8 - or 10-string guitar demands a highly skilled luthier. The challenge is to form a harmonious whole of the technical, visual, tonal and functional changes caused by the increased number of strings.

Video: Classic Line I-8 8-saitige Konzertgitarre Classic Line I 8-string Ralf Velasquez
Ralf Velasquez plays on Classic Line I-8

Classic Line I-8 meets these requirements in every way. Neck and head were proportionally adjusted having regard to a still very good playability.

The increased string tension requires an increased stability of bracing and bridge. This extra of wood was skilfully reduced to a minimum, which ensures on one hand the stability of the top and produces on the other hand the same soft, sensitive tone the 6-string Classic Line I is already known for.

Back, bindings, rosette and satin finish were taken from the standard model. A discreet modern appearance of Classic Line I-8 is achieved by the technically excellent solutions like the fingerboard, which is beveled down to the soundhole and the matt individual tuners with ebony buttons.

A special set of strings with lower C and D strings emphasises the sound quality. Of course, other tunings are possible. The Classic Line I-8 offers plenty of new challenges, such as sophisticated variations of guitar pieces or the whole spectrum of literature for Lutes.


Type: Classical Guitar
Back/Sides: East Indian Rosewood
Top: Spruce
Neck: Spanish Cedar (spanish constructed heel)
Neck Width: 65 mm
Scale Length: 65 cm
Fingerboard: Ebony
Machine Heads: Schertler
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin gloss
Bridge/Nut: Bone
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