6-String Classical Acoustic Bass with Fanned Frets and Bevel

Intelligence for the Classic Bass

As a 6-string and IQ version, the Classic Bass was made at customer's request. IQ means bevel and fanned frets (multiscale fretboard).


Fanned Frets Classical and Bassy

The scale length is adapted accordingly. While the standard Classic Bass with "regular frets" has a scale length of 750 mm, for this custom order we applied 730 mm for the highest and 760 mm for the lowest string.

Extras in Abundance

The bevel was carefully integrated between top and sides in the usual way. The asymmetrical appearance caused by the bevel and the fanned frets, inducted the customer's desire for more asymmetrical design realised with bridge and head. We are always delighted about such requests. Christian Stoll really gets into gear with non-mainstream requests and as expected he brilliantly implemented the ideas of our customer.

The wood of this Classic Bass is also a custom feature. Back and sides are of German Walnut (Juglans Regia), the top is of beautifully curled Bearclaw Sitka Spruce. Such a noble top requires an equally impressive sound hole. Thus the rosette is made of Abalone.


Often Acoustic Basses with "normal" frets and a satisfying bass sound are kind of harsh and screaming in the treble range or vice versa, they have a nice treble range and a poorly defined bass range.

Not so with this multiscale Classic Bass. The bass range sounds defined, deep, clear and with the necessary brilliance. Due to the different scale lengths, the treble range sounds wonderfully soft. The overall picture is well-rounded, beautiful and heart-warming musical.

Compared with other basses, the Classic Bass has a relative quick response and a pleasantly long sustain. The projection is impressive and the sound is able to fill an entire concert hall.

The frequency range of the Classic Bass is designed in such way that every single tone can be heard well in the ensemble. So it provides a good foundation for all players and, according to its owner, is heard even when accompanied by 12 guitars.

Type: Acoustic Bass
Back/Sides: German Walnut (Juglans Regia)
Top: Bearclaw Sitka
Neck: Spanish Cedar (spanish constructed heel)
Neck Width: 62 mm
Scale Length: 730/760 mm
Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood
Machine Heads: Schertler Gold
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin gloss
Bridge/Nut: Bone
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