Tone Wood from the Yukon River

Some time ago we could lay our hands on some very special Sitka Spruce tops. The wood for this guitar tops has been lying as fish traps in the salty water of the yukon delta  from the 1920s to the 1980s with total absence of air, to then be processed to tone wood and again to be stored for about 30 years.

These woods are called sinkerwood, just like tree trunks that sank to the bottom of the river during transport and  often remained there decades. Those woods are often better quality than newer, freshly cut tone woods. Over the years, this wood has gained lots of character, it has matured in a similar manner, as it is well known by good wines.

We consider sinkerwood as a great asset to the guitar.

Our recently completed Parlour Ambition Mahogany was equipped with such a top as well as a custom made Ambition Fingerstyle 63 cm with back and sides of American Walnut.