Extreme Cutaway proCut

proCut Extrem-Cutaway
proCut being carved

Virtuoso playing in the highest registers - a challenge for many ambitious guitar players, which is why many of them prefer a guitar with a cutaway. But even with a cutaway the body is still a bit in the way. So what to do?

proCut - Extended Cutaway

The idea behind the proCut is to simply lower the cutaway a little more. However, the implementation requires some consideration in order to achieve a useful result. The solution is as follows:





First of all, the steel string- or nylon string guitar, which is to be provided with a proCut, has to have a spanish heel. With a normal sized guitar and 14th frets clear of the body, we apply the proCut at the level of the 19th fret. The neck, which usually merges into the heel at 14th fret, will be continued almost up to the side, which means that the heel is reduced to half of its width and achieves its full width only approx. two centimeters above the body.






With a steel string guitar with 12 frets clear of body or any classical guitar the whole construction will be analogously moved two frets up, so the cutaway is applied at 17th fret. Exception to this rule are guitars with a smaller body such as parlour models. Here the cutaway is applied at 15th fret, to prevent loss of sound volume.

proCut mit Ansatz am 17. Bund
proCut with transiton at 17th fret

proCut - Top Class Cutaway

In developing the proCut it was very important for us to not only provide functionality, but to take into account constructional and ergonomic requirements. The result is an exceptional cutaway, aesthetically appealing and fully serving its purpose.