Classical Guitar 4x Classic Line I Finished – Back and Sides Made of
Indian Rosewood, Violet Wood, Indian Walnut and Burmese Rosewood

Classical Guitars Indian Rosewood Violet Wood Indian Walnut Burmese Rosewood
From left: Indian Rosewood Violet Wood Indian Walnut Burmese Rosewood

In a previous article, we had shown four similar Classical Guitars Classic Line I under construction. Now they are finished and can be tested for sound differences.

The guitars were built, except for the body wood, exactly the same to find alternative wood for the increasingly difficult availability of  Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia). The tops have been cut even from the same log. In the photo on the far left, the model of the well-known Indian Rosewood is seen followed by Violet Wood, also known as Amaranth (Peltogyne SPP), Indian Walnut (Juglans Nigra) and Burmese Rosewood, also known as Chingchan (Dalbergia oliveri).

In the category "Finished Guitars" we present the four guitars individually.

Visually, we are thrilled by all the woods. Our first sonic impression: Violet Wood comes very close to Indian Rosewood, is a touch more powerful and can be used very well for classical playing styles. Burmese Rosewood is even more powerful than Violet Wood and has an almost endless sustain.

Indian Walnut is very suitable for Latin, Bossa Nova and other modern  playing techniques and will be used in the future for the construction of our nylon string guitar Alegra, which with its cutaway is also designed for modern playing styles.

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