Transporting a Guitar

Cushioning the head of a guitar
Cushioning the head prevents headstock from breaking

Does this sound familiar? The guitar must be sent for repair or to be taken along for a flight.
To avoid nasty surprises one has to handle this issue prudently. Often guitars have arrived at our workshop worse than they were sent or a vacation began with a broken guitar.

What to do when sending or travelling with a guitar?

In no case may the guitar slide around in the case. The risk of damage is very large, since it can happen during transport , that the case falls or is even thrown. In particular, a broken headstock or neck is a common phenomenon in the transport of guitars.

The cushioning of the critical areas will help. If you shim the head as shown,              

Fit guitar in too large case
Fit guitar in too large case

and, if there is a gap on the side or bottom of the case, fill it with cushioning material, you've made the most important precautions. The fact that a guitar during transport must not be packed in a thin cardboard box or a flexible bag is self-evident.