The Legendary Acoustic Bass Gains Intelligence

More than 25 years ago, Christian Stoll started to build an Acoustic Bass that deserved its name. Unusual volume and playability still made this instrument a legend. With the IQ Bass he once again sets the standard. Like the Steelstring IQ the IQ Bass has a multiscale fretboard. Bridge and head are designed to harmonize to the asymmetrical design. The sound - simply stunning. Anyone who has ever tried to produce a reasonable tone with the E-or B-string of an ordinary acoustic bass, will be amazed about brilliance and perseverance of the IQ Bass.

The preview shows two IQ-5-string basses, in the background a Legendary Acoustic Bass 4-string.

Christian Stoll holds a left-handed IQ Bass in hand, also a 5-string.

The IQ Bass is available as 4- 5- or 6-string.