Frankfurt Musikmesse 2014 Retrospection

What a week! We were all beat-up, but very satisfied. This year we presented some of our special features. First of all, we introduced Double Fun, the reversible guitar with double neck. The unusual design caught very much attention.  The reaction on playability was absolutely positive.

Of course the Legendary Acoustic Bass 4-string fretless with a newly designed tailpiece is always an "eye-catcher" and IQ Bass 5 string even beats the imposing appearance. In the nylon string section we showed an Octave Guitar, Alegra with ProCut, Classic Custom and Evolution M. Among steel-string guitars was a baritone guitar and two very special fingerstyle guitars, one with back, sides and top made ​​of Mahogany and the other ​​of beautiful Spalted Mango and an AAA Engelmann Spruce top.

Max & Pierre caused a lot of excitement, while playing at our booth and regularly the aisle in front of our stand was blocked by people listening. Juri Rother with his charismatic voice was an additional attraction on Friday and Saturday, and of course Just Friends was a must as every year.