Bass Ukulele Prototype – Sold

The Travel Size Acoustic Bass Prototype

This bass ukulele convinces with an impressingly sonorous sound. It is excellently suited for those who are looking for an Acoustic Bass in an easy-to-transport dimension.

This is the prototype we built during the development of the new ukulele bass.


In designing this Bass Ukulele, we have worked with professional musicians. Thus it changed hands frequently. After the test phase, it has been refurbished, but a few slight traces are still visible. However, we provide full warranty for this prototype.

As a result we can now prowdly present a mini-bass, which by far exceeds the quality of the usual ukulele basses and can be even measured with conventional acoustic basses.

Design and Sound

For this Bass Ukulele we used Indian Rosewood for back and sides and Spruce for the top. Fanned frets ensure clean sound and comfortable playing. In order to achieve a maximum of vibrating surface, we put the sound hole to the side. In contrast to the new model it is located in the upper bout. It features a MiSi Acoustic Trio with volume and tone controls, which is included in the price.

Our prototype is already crisp and focused and shines with impressive assertiveness. We have designed the market-ready model even louder by means of a wider lower bout. However, the prototype already has a wide mid range with solid fundamentals and subtle overtones.

Further details can be found with the developed IQ bass ukulele, which, apart from the above mentioned variances, is not different from the prototype.




Acoustic Bass

Class: State of the Art
Back/Sides: Rosewood
Top: Spruce
Neck: Spanish Cedar, spanish constructed heel
Neck width: 43/45 mm
Scale length: 560/600 mm
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Machine Heads: Schaller
Strings: Pyramid
Bridge/Nut: Bone
Finish: Nitrocellulose, top satin gloss, back and sides satin finish
Weight: 1,280 g including pickup
Case: Gigbag
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