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travel steel string acoustic guitar walnut stoll

This model was built from 2011 to 2020. PT 69 Travel is no longer available as standard model. However, custom order is possible.


Balanced, precise and with quick response in both bass and treble, this travel guitar offers the sound and comfort you can expect from a STOLL guitar. In the tradition of guitarists and songwriters who were really travelling with their guitars, it is ideally suited for traditional folk and picking sounds of the 1930s and 40s, but also masters other genres.


Travel guitars have always been one of the major challenges among luthiers. Headless, removable neck, complete breakup with the classic body shape are the most common approaches to build a fully portable guitar.

The presented steel string guitar does not employ these solutions, but is simply based on our large model PT 69, which we "shrunk" just a little. We adjusted the body size and also the depth according to a scale length of 55.5 cm.

To avoid any further reduction of the box volume, we omitted the cutaway. By clever bracing and selection of appropriate tone woods this travel guitar achieves a very respectable volume. For back and sides we used spalted walnut (Juglans Regia).

A fungus, residing in the cut timber, causes varying degrees of pattern, depending on the chosen wood. With walnut it shows up in a few interesting dark lines that run through the wood in some places. You can see that clearly on the side facing the player. Much more popular is Spalted Mango, where the fungus produces wild patterns. The fungus dies off as soon as the wood has dried.

Upon request, our travel guitar may also be built based on other "big" guitars, such as Ambition or Classical Guitars like Estudio or Classic Line I with the usual options such as variable neck width, rosette, machines etc.



Steel-String Guitar

Class: Basic
Back/Sides: Spalted Walnut
Top: Spruce
Neck: Cedro (spanish constructed heel)
Neck Width: Variable, 42 - 48 mm
Scale Length: 555 mm
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Machine Heads: Schaller F Series
Strings: Elixir Nanoweb
Bridge/Nut: Bone
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin finish
Weight: 1,180 g
Case: Gigbag
Options: different tonewoods,
different base model,
different neck width,
Lefthanded model,
pickup at choice
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RRP in 2020 was: € 1,100.-