I would like to thank you and your former apprentice very much for the guitar. The guitar has a very good playability, optimal saddle width and string action. Furthermore, the frets have exactly the right dimensions and size. This is very important. I also really like the sound very much. Nice bright, but not too ...continue reading "Guitar"

The guitar is truly a masterpiece. It gives me a lot of pleasure!

Yesterday I could finally get my guitar - and I am thrilled! Thank you for your craftsmanship, which absolutely deserves this title! Simply wonderful, how the grain of the wood comes through everywhere.

The guitar sounds simply great and no problems with the allergy, so I am very satisfied 🙂 Thanks again for the great guitar!

... I wanted to let you know that I am now very happy with my IQ. It has become clear, and still does, that it is a wonderful instrument, sounds really unbelievably beautiful, and also meets high standards.

... wanted to send you a photo of me and your still wonderful guitar.

Hello, the bass has finally arrived ? great work thank you very much, I am very satisfied... Thanks again and keep up the good work...

A very beautiful, simple but nevertheless extraordinary instrument. Perfect craftsmanship!

Thank you very much for the Alegra, a very wonderful instrument that immediately shows the love for detail. To play on this guitar is an experience. Your guitar can conjure, can tell fairy tales, can sing. It can do everything you could ever wish for.  A real enrichment. The guitar has a sound pattern that ...continue reading "Alegra"

... I bought a guitar from you two weeks ago. Mr. Ortner advised me very nicely. The guitar, with which I am very satisfied, was made by him. I wanted to bring him a small gift and would like to know if he would be happy about a nice single malt.