It has now been two weeks since I visited you, and I've had plenty of time to explore the guitar. Playing it is wonderful. The sound is just the way I like it, bright and clear. In addition, it has a beautiful, noble look with a rosette that changes depending on the light, the sight ...continue reading "Ambition Fingerstyle"

I've been playing a Taylor AB4 acoustic bass for 21 years and your 6 string is so much better sounding, looking, and better built. I'm really impressed. Thanks for building such a beautiful bass. I'm looking forward to growing old with it. Thanks again

thank you for your wonderful work, the playability of the IQ is very good.

I am thrilled. The bass sounds great and plays by itself. I really like playing with the fan frets and it is much easier than on the model with the straight frets that I played at your shop. The bevel on the chest side makes playing very comfortable.

Every single day I am absolutely happy about my two Evidence guitars ! Thank you for such beautiful instruments !

The guitar has arrived. It feels light as a feather and perfectly setup! Many thanks, a wonderful sound...

The guitar arrived today and I am totally enthusiastic and satisfied. Thanks for the great instrument and see you next time! 🙂

I equipped the PT 69 with a new set of strings. I decided to use a set of 12 Thomastik Jazz Swing Flat Wound. The interaction of your brilliant sounding guitar with the smooth sound of the flat strings results in a combination that inspires me tonally. Definitely give it a try.

The guitar arrived today...and it is a real dream. So powerful and delicate and long lasting melodious sound. I enjoy playing it very much. Beautiful. Many, many thanks. I am very happy and grateful to have acquired your last 63 Primera.

... thank you so much for the excellent work on the custom job. Since I picked up the guitar last week, I have been able to work intensively on it. The playability is excellent ... Intonation is also decent, a special piece ... I very much hope that more musicians will be enthusiastic about this ...continue reading "Ambition Jumbo 10 Strings"