... I would like to thank you for the wonderful guitar. A good instrument inspires more every day, that's exactly what this guitar does.

The ukulele arrived yesterday. I have only briefly examined and played it, but so far I can already say: I am 100% satisfied with the instrument - I rarely experience something like this even on high quality instruments. So thank you very much already! I will soon report a bit more about it and probably ...continue reading "Ukulele"

Great! Really, just terrific and amazing! It was worth the waiting. I could not have imagined last December that I would have had such a positive experience. What a sound, basses all balanced, equally loud! It's a lot of fun to play with. Yesterday I had my first rehearsal with the IQ-Bass and it got ...continue reading "IQ Bass"

I played the new guitar today for the first time and I am very pleased in every way. Thank you again for your good work. I will be happy to recommend your workshop to anyone, anytime.

After a few months with my Primera Custom I would not want to miss it anymore! Thanks again for the great instrument!

Your Double Fun guitar is absolutely brilliant!

The first concert with my (thank you!!!) new N°1 was a great success! A musician colleague, who knows me for a long time, put it this way: The best Burger ever. Of course he also meant the guitar. More possibilities in dynamics, the sound slightly cross, powerful, loud and also quietly stable with plenty of ...continue reading "Classic Crossover"

This was a trip that will give me an infinite number of moving moments! Hour by hour I will grow together with IQ and become familiar with it. It is going to be good! Thanks for this masterpiece of craftsmanship!

I still have great fun with the instrument and play it almost every day. I have not regretted buying it for a second.