Alegra with Fan Frets

After being the happy owner of a Stoll Classic Pro Multiscale for three years (and still am), a guitar to die for, I wanted to get another guitar with a brighter sound, slightly narrower fingerboard and a lower string action, the latter admittedly for convenience. After the experience with the Classic Pro, fan frets were the only option. For the woods, I chose the combination with the punch, the powerful tone. That was Laurel for the body and spruce for the top. Then I had to wait for half a year. I own it for three weeks now. Was it worth the wait? It´s so comfortable, it almost plays itself. The string action is much lower. But clanging and buzzing? No way, absolutely clean sound. And the sound? Yes, it's brighter and it's got punch. And the sound? Awesome. The bass is full, velvety and has a long decay. The mids and the highs, I spontaneously thought: like the sound of bells. This richness and the clearness of the sound has once again considerably exceeded my quite not modest expectations. I do not regret my choice of a spruce top, although the master would rather have advised a cedar top. And it is beautiful as well. Everywhere you look, you can see the combination of aesthetics and care, which makes you feel the passion for guitar building. Mr. Stoll, you have given me great pleasure, a pleasure that I can feel every day. Thank you for this masterpiece. In conclusion, what is better than a Stoll guitar? Quite simply, two Stoll guitars.