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sound hole

The string action is the distance between the strings and the frets. The string action has a significant influence on both the playability of the guitar and its sound. A low string action requires less force when pressing down the strings and therefore easily allows for faster playing. A high string action offers more dynamics ...continue reading "DIY – How to Adjust the String Action on an Acoustic Guitar"

sound hole

The soundhole is where the sound emerges. In a nutshell, this statement sums it up, but as always in lutherie, the soundhole is one of the many components that influence sound development. Therefore, the size, position, and a few other features of the soundhole should be considered carefully.

acoustic basses classic steel string

Bass gives music direction and soul. Therefore, bass instruments have always been important in the interplay of instruments. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the double bass of the classical orchestra. But there are also basses in other ensembles. Acoustic Basses Overview For example, many mandolin orchestras traditionally have an upright ...continue reading "Acoustic Basses – Mastering Constructional Challenges"

Hybrid 8 string acoustic guitar 3 bass 5 steel mint for sale

We offer this hybrid guitar on behalf of a customer. It was finished in August 2020 and hardly played. Its condition can therefore be described as mint. If you are interested, you may check it out in New York. . Reason for the sale is a reorientation of the guitarist. We are currently building the ...continue reading "Hybrid Custom 8-string, Mint Condition – $ 6,600.-"