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12 fret acoustic guitar rosewood mahogany 63 scale butternought stoll luthier

12-fret guitars are characterised by neck-body-transition at 12th fret. Basically, this is the case with all classical guitars. However, this article is about the steel string guitar which developed from the classical guitar. To understand today's 12-fret guitar, we not only have to take a look at the development of the guitar, but also deal ...continue reading "12 Fret Acoustic Guitars"

resonator telecaster electric guitar crocodile resodile bastian ortner blues bones

A thin-line resonator guitar that transports the sound of the American South both visually and acoustically. This instrument is based on the fusion of features of two iconic blues guitars,  Telecaster* and Resonator. The resulting sound is characterised by crisp twang next to the growling assertive timbre of the resonator. Thanks to the maximally hollowed ...continue reading "Blues Bones – The Resodile"

11. - 14.04.2018 Booth: Halle 8.0 A99B The organisers stick to their new concept by providing a special area for boutique guitars. Members of the European Guitar Builders EGB and others present their guitars in a welcoming atmosphere. We participate.

12 fret acoustic guitar rosewood mahogany 63 scale butternought stoll luthier

This small 12-fret acoustic guitar with a very special creamy sound makes the heart of every lover of authentic sound beat faster. It is very suitable for strumming and flatpicking. Type: Class: Basic Back/Sides: Rosewood, Mahogany Top: Spruce Neck: Spanish Cedar (dove tail joint) Neck Width: 45-46.5 mm Scale Length: 630 mm Fingerboard: Rosewood, Ebony ...continue reading "PT Butternought – 12 Fret Guitar with Small Body"

8 string 5 steel 3 bass fanned frets bevel local woods

Fingerstyle 5+3 8-string edition of our acoustic guitar with five steel strings and three bass strings. Excellent for advanced fingerpicking. Guitar nerds, who do not get enough of the bass range of a conventional steel string guitar, get their money's worth here.

IQ steel string guitar fanned frets side sound hole bevel

The idea behind the principle of fanned frets is to provide each string the optimal length. This results in an open sound with a very clean intonation and also in a more relaxed plaing. The hand no longer has to be moved parallel to the frets, but can make a natural semicircular movement.

Bevel Stoll 12-string

The aim of the bevel is to remove the sharp edge at the point where the guitarist rests the picking arm on the guitar. Especially guitarists, who play several hours a day, should focus on health instead of costs and consider the bevel.