08. - 10.09.17 Exhibition, concerts, workshops, supporting program throughout the city Mannheim, m.con Congress Center, Rosengarten Website besuchen Find us at the EGB joint stand

14. to 16.04.2017 Classical, steel-string, archtop, solid body, .... Concerts, Lectures, Guitar Show Stedelijke Muziekacademie, Gasthuisvest 50, 2500 Lier, Belgium Visit website Within the scope of the event, there will be a Local Wood Challenge where guitar builders are displaying there non-tropical local wood guitars (of any kind). The Local Wood Challenge is an initiative ...continue reading "Cordefactum Guitar Festival 2017"

luthier guitar builder Natural Bone Saddle

We already that saddle and nut made of bone are superior to those made of plastic. We are delighted to having found a supplier of natural bone nut and saddle blanks. Not only does the omission of the treatment with hydrogen peroxide obviate an environmentally damaging component, but leaves a higher fat content and therefore ...continue reading "Nut and Bridge of Unbleached Bone"