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traveler guitar pocket lightweight handmade luthier christian stoll

The Pocket Travel is truly the dream of any guitarist looking for a traveler guitar. Despite its size, this midget generates an amazing sound! Whether by plane, train or road trip, even by bike or on foot, the Pocket Travel is the perfect companion.

guitars made from cider barrel fingerstyle 630 mm oak luthier

For our 35th anniversary, we have come up with something very special. True to our Hessian roots, we obtained a decommissioned cider barrel and cut it. The result is three wonderful fingerstyle guitars that are not only visually very unusual, but are also extremely impressive in terms of sound. And here you can admire the results: ...continue reading "Fingerstyle Guitars Made from Cider Barrel"

Fingerstyle guitar cider barrel oak luthier Stoll

Guitars made of Oak, is that possible? From an old barrel? YES! Not only the back and sides, but also the top is consistently built from the oak of this barrel. The wood in some places visually reveals its origin and thus has its own charm. Also tonally it is very convincing.

crossover classical guitars large body cutaway luthier christian stoll

Crossover guitars are characterised by a feature combination of classical and steel string guitar. They adapt the playability of a certain guitar to the personal playing habits that a player has acquired on a guitar of a different genre. The most common case is that a steel string guitarist has difficulty playing the classical guitar.

12 fret acoustic guitar rosewood mahogany 63 scale butternought stoll luthier

12-fret guitars are characterised by neck-body-transition at 12th fret. Basically, this is the case with all classical guitars. However, this article is about the steel string guitar which developed from the classical guitar. To understand today's 12-fret guitar, we not only have to take a look at the development of the guitar, but also deal ...continue reading "12 Fret Acoustic Guitars"

resonator telecaster electric guitar crocodile resodile bastian ortner blues bones

A thin-line resonator guitar that transports the sound of the American South both visually and acoustically. This instrument is based on the fusion of features of two iconic blues guitars,  Telecaster* and Resonator. The resulting sound is characterised by crisp twang next to the growling assertive timbre of the resonator. Thanks to the maximally hollowed ...continue reading "Blues Bones – The Resodile"