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27. - 29.09.19 Exhibition, concerts, workshops, supporting program throughout the city Mannheim, m.con Congress Center, Rosengarten visit Website Find us at the EGB joint stand

mango acoustic guitar luthier christian stoll

with back and sides of Spalted Mango (Mangifera indica). Spalted Mango impresses by its visual appearance. The irregular light gray and brown wood is crisscrossed with dark brown and orange, more or less wild, figures. This striking coloration is caused by a fungus, which operates in the timber until its work is stopped by the ...continue reading "Steelstring Guitar Ambition Mango"

12-string 14-fret Steel String Guitar Bevel luthier christian stoll

We usually build twelve-string guitars with a neck transition on the 12th fret. This is partly due to the 12 tuners to avoid top-heaviness, on the other hand, this also serves the sound optimisation, since especially with 12-string guitars the focus is on chorus-like sound.

However, our customer wanted a neck transition on the 14th fret, a challenge that we of course accepted.

archtip acoustic bass bevel fanned frets side soundhole

Charming Acoustic Bass We have built a custom with a completely new appearance. Based on the shape of our steel string guitar IQ, a bass with a very special charm has been created. Archtop, F-holes, tailpiece , bevel, side sound hole, fanned frets and semi-fretted fingerboard are the unusual components of this successful new creation.