Fingerstyle steel string guitar Local Woods: Cherry Spruce Plum

A guitar entirely made of native woods. This was the special task that the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 has presented to their exhibitors. We built even two guitars and mastered the challenge with flying colors. Both are fingerstyle models, one with 63 cm scale and completely of walnut, the one here presented comes with ...continue reading "Local Wood Steel String: <br>Ambition Fingerstyle Cherry / Spruce / Plum"

Bowable fretted 5-string Acoustic Bass

Bowable Acoustic Bass Compact This extraordinary Acoustic Bass fulfills every wish a double bass player ever had. Impressive volume, full sound, compact body, bowable, fretted, easily transportable. The sound is very similar to a double bass. Capabilities The Bowable Acoustic Bass was built for the German Medieval Band Waldkauz. It can be used for any ...continue reading "Fretted 5-string Bowable Acoustic Bass"