it hasn't been that long since I picked up my (! 😊) Evidence and I want to report to you today , how we have been getting on so far.

First of all: yes, you were absolutely right - the guitar is simply wonderful: it is beautifully built, has a wonderful sound and is easy to play for me!

Especially beautiful is the wood (front and back!), the dark body bindings, the very nice soundhole and fingerboard inlays, the Yin/Yang - side soundhole. The overall impression of the instrument is simply beautiful .

The sound is awesome: highs, mid-tones and lows, while picking and also  strumming.

And, as I said, the playability is simply a tremendous relief, even if of course every lady shows us again and again, that we first have to practice dealing with her very sensitively and committedly.

In short - I am very happy that I decided to let you built it at the end of my long selection process.

That much for my feedback - I can say that I am very happy about the guitar every day, and I am very grateful to you.