Classic Line I – Lutherie with Dedication

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a closer look at your website and your career.  I am very enthusiastic about your history as well as your history as well as the philosophy you represent.

One can rightly speak of you as a legend in the luthiers trade!

Through quality and an unclouded view of the essential, you have asserted yourself in a market that is completely dominated by the industrial production, and in which the industry uses all the strategies of advertising psychology to make people forget that instrument making is actually a form of handicraft, which is increasingly being displaced by mass production. You are truly an exception in this respect. In particular, your view, that fun and dedication to something one enjoys doing, is ultimately crucial for success, also corresponds to our experience and our guiding principles, in sport, in culture, and in life in general!

It is therefore a special pleasure for us as an organisation to include your instruments in our collection, to support your handicrafts and the Stoll company with its very likeable employees.