Acoustic Bass

So, and now I have to rave about it 😉

This instrument is absolutely amazing!

I have to say: Congratulations on this fantastic masterpiece of wood and sound, this is pure craftsmanship!

It may sound terribly slimy and euphoric *grins*, but I'm just totally thrilled already, and we haven't experienced much together yet, my new favorite instrument and me...

I mean! ..boah. So much sound, so much power in every note, I play and have the feeling that if they could explode, the notes, they would.
Character...I think every note has an enormous amount of character and is extremely multi-layered, not just "an A" and that's it, there's an A and with it a whole world.

In the review of the bass on your homepage it says something like... "sounds like a bass, a bass, a bass"...and well...that's true. It doesn't get any bassier than that.
And: "Double bass to hang around your neck" hits the nail on the head. The sound can certainly be compared to a Contrabass ...or let's say it sounds as contrabassy as an instrument that is not a Contrabass can sound.

And I'm sure you can get a lot out of this dream of an acoustic bass that I don't even know exists 😉

I sit around at home and play the same notes over and over again, let them sound this way and that, slide a little up and down "boring" runs, a little alternating bass...and I can't get enough of it.

You are nourished by the sound. Wow!

And I haven't even amplified it yet...and it's just loud and makes itself heard...and without any special effort on my part...that's exactly what I wanted.

And it really plays like butter. It's as if the fingerboard goes to great lengths to please and make it as easy as possible for the musician. There's nothing gnarly and hard... it's like milk and honey.

And it's beautiful too. I find it even more beautiful the longer I look at it.

Fulfilling all around...and I'm really looking forward to presenting my new pride and joy at our bluegrass jam session next Thursday.

From now on, nobody can complain that I'm not authentic enough for the bluegrass scene with my electric bass...from now on, I don't want to hear anything else ;-)...       It can't sound any more woody, rich, full-bodied and acoustic.

Long story short: Thank you very much, Mr. Stoll, for developing such a gem!

You can be proud of it!

I will of course send anyone looking for a proper acoustic bass to you.