the duke archtop acoustic bass luthier christian stoll

Magazine: Bass Quarterly  03/2019 | Author: Sebastian Stolz
The Duke Archtop is an extraordinary Acoustic Bass, which fits somewhere between Double Bass and Acoustic Bass and is incredibly enjoyable. The Multiscale-fingerboard is easy to play thanks to the flat neck, the rather slight fan (compared to other manufacturers) makes it very easy to get used to. Once accustomed to it, one is amazed how beautiful this Duke can sound. High quality built and with a lot of love for detail you get an instrument you will have fun with for a long time.

5-string fan frets large acoustic bass

Magazine: Guitar Acoustic 05/2013 | Author: Jürgen Richter
Anyone who is used to one of the usual so-called acoustic basses will be startled at the first tone of the IQ and will shrink in fright. That's how fat and bassy an acoustic bass can sound ... If you want to play bass acoustically, real bass, there is no way to avoid a bass from Stoll ... In the multiscale version, the IQ bass offers an untroubled experience all the way down to the bottom, even as a five- or six-string. It proves a powerful, defined tone ...

Stoll Classic Acoustic Bass 75 mm scale handmade luthier

Magazine: bass quarterly 5/2010 | Author: Christoph Hees
The Classic Bass appears as a successful hybrid of classical Nylon String and "typical" Acoustic Bass. Both body size and shape as the classic type of Stringing are borrowed from its guitar counterpart, while the Scale length of 75 cm (Standard long scale: 86.4 cm) and the "only" eighteen frets seem to be genes of the Acoustic Bass. The instrument has a wonderful silky touch and exudes a certain unostentatious elegance. The satin finished maple body with a one-piece rosewood binding bears a spruce top in nordic blonde ..

Stoll legendary Acoustic Bass handmade luthier

Magazine: bass quarterly 4/2009 | Author: Lutz J. Mays
Wow, that sounds quite different from my acoustic bass "conventional" design. The bass sounds like bass, sounds like bass, sounds like bass ... What you hear has foundation, dynamics and volume. This bass can keep up with an acoustic guitar. The sound is warm and defined and already tends more towards the double bass than towards the electric bass .. Be sure to check it out!