The guitar now plays much easier. Your work has brought a clear improvement. Thanks again and best regards

Mandolin well received today! Thanks for the good work! - I have to say that the sound is great, I will play the strings for a while and then test them again with phosphor any case the strings are very easy and pleasant to play!

Many thanks for the fair price and of course for your great work ...

Thanks again for assembling and painting the Strat. This kit is easy to play and does not even have a bad sound over the system.

Once again on the 25th Anniversary Lowden: It is alive again now and a pleasure at last, after such a long time. After three guitar builders you have finally managed it. So I am glad to have made it to your place.

I just played my "new" old guitar and I am sooooo glad that I kept it:-)))))) You are a magician! And the hard strings suit her very well. I wonder how you managed to cope with that distorted neck?